Fall 2000, CS573, Mobility Seminar

Vital Information

Instructor: Amy Murphy

Course Description

Mobility is rapidly evolving as an important issue within many fields of computer science. In many respects, mobile systems can be viewed as complex, distributed systems, but is precisely these complexities that warrant its independent study. Low and variable bandwidth, abrupt disconnection and disconnected operation, and new parameters such as location are just a few of the key characteristics driving current research efforts. This course will survey research topics including characteristic mobile applications, approaches for modeling mobile systems, and communication issues that arise in the mobile environment.


The topics will include but are not limited to those listed below...and are subject to change based on student interests.

Week 1 - September 6 - introduction

  • Introduction to Mobile Computing
  • The Computer for the 21st Century. Mark Weiser.
  • The Challenges of Mobile Computing G. Forman, J. Zahorjan.

    Week 2 - September 20 - routing

    Presented by Rajeev
  • (background) IP Mobility Support. C. Perkins
  • Mobility Support in IPv6. D. Johnson, C. Perkins
  • Mobile IP-based Multicast as a Service for Mobile Hosts V. Chikarmane, R. Bunt and C. Williamson.

    Week 3 - September 27 - packet delivery

    Presented by Jonathan
  • Improving Reliable Transport and Handoff Performance in Cellular Wireless Networks H. Balakrishnan, S. Seshan, R. Katz.
  • Rerouting for Handoff in a Wireless ATM Network B.A. Akyol, D.C. Cox.

    Week 4 - October 4 - algortihm development

    Presented by Amy
  • Reliable Communication for Highly Mobile Agents A. Murphy, G.P. Picco.
  • Low-Cost Checkpointing and Failure Recovery in Mobile Computing Systems R. Prakash, M. Singhal

    Week 5 - October 11 - physical mobility projects

    Presented by Tom
  • MosquitoNet The Mobile People Architecture
    Personal-level Routing in the Mobile People Architecture(Optional)

    Week 6 - October 18 - more mobility projects

    Presented by Amy
  • Lime - Linda in a Mobile Environment (Amy)

    Week 7 - October 25 - mobile databases and transactions

    Presented by Luke
  • Semantic Caching in Mobile Computing (paper available at /u/lukechen/readings/p210-ren.pdf)
  • Gold Rush: Mobile Transaction Middleware with Java-Object Replication M. Butrico, H. Chang, A. Cocchi, N. Cohen, D. Shea, S. Smith

    Week 8 - November 1 - ad hoc mobility

    Presented by Grigoris
  • Internet-Based Mobile Ad hoc Networking. M.S. Corson, J.P. Macker, G.H. Cirincione. IEEE Internet Computing, July-August, 1999. (Copies available in the course box in the CS department.)
  • Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing. C.E. Perkins and E.M. Royer. Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications, New Orleans, LA, February 1999.
  • Multicast Operation of the Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol. E.M. Royer and C.E. Perkins. Proceedings of MobiCom'99, Seattle, WA, August 1999.

    Week 9 - November 8 - logical mobility

    Presented by Jeff
  • (Introductory material) Understanding Code Mobility. A. Fugetta, G.P. Picco, G. Vigna
  • XMIDDLE: An XML based Middleware for Mobile Computing . C. Mascolo and W. Emmerich. (warning: if you print this, it is on A4 paper)
  • Strong Mobility and Fine-Grained Resource Control in NOMADS N. Suri, J. Bradshaw, M.R. Breedy, P.T. Groth G.A. Hill, R. Jeffers

    Week 10 - November 15 - modeling mobility

    Presented bu Umit
  • Mobile UNITY
  • Modeling Mobile IP in Mobile UNITY P. McCann, G.-C. Roman

    Week Off - November 22 - Thanksgiving

    Week 11 -November 29 - Technologies

    Presented by Amy
  • Cellular Technologies
  • Bluetooth
  • WAP
  • Ricochet

    Week 12 - December 6 - Service Discovery

    Presented by Amy presentation
  • Jini (service discovery) (Discovery and Join section)
  • XReggie

    Week 13 - December 13 - Project Presentations