Accepted papers

1: The Metro Rio ATP case study
 Alessio Ferrari and Alessandro Fantechi and Daniele Grasso and Gianluca Magnani
2: SMT-Based Formal Verification of a TTEthernet Synchronization Function
 Wilfried Steiner and Bruno Dutertre
3: Model Checking the FlexRay Physical Layer Protocol
 Michael Gerke and Rüdiger Ehlers and Bernd Finkbeiner and Hans-Jörg Peter
4: A Formal Model of Identity Mixer
 Jan Camenisch and Sebastian Mödersheim and Dieter Sommer
5: Range Analysis of Microcontroller Code using Bit-Level Congruences
 Joerg Brauer and Andy King and Stefan Kowalewski
6: Correctness of Sensor Network Applications by Software Bounded Model Checking
 Frank Werner and David Faragó
7: Automatic Error Correction of Java Programs
 Christian Kern and Javier Esparza
8: Practical Issues with Formal Specifications Lessons Learned from an Industrial Case Study
 Michael Altenhofen and Achim D. Brucker
9: Embedded Network Protocols for Mobile Devices
 Despo Galataki and Andrei Radulescu and Kees Verstoep and Wan Fokkink
10: Formal analysis of BPMN models using Event-B
 Wei Wei and Jeremy W. Bryans
11: Developing mode-rich satellite software by refinement in Event B
 Alexei Iliasov and Elena Troubitsyna and Linas Laibinis and Alexander Romanovsky and Kimmo Varpaaniemi and Dubravka Ilic and Timo Latvala
12: A Study of Shared-Memory Mutual Exclusion Protocols using CADP
 Radu Mateescu and Wendelin Serwe
13: Automatic Structure-based Code Generation from Coloured Petri Nets: A Proof of Concept
 Lars Kristensen and Michael Westergaard
14: An Automated Translator for Model Checking Time Constrained Workflow Systems
 Ahmed Mashiyat and Fazle Rabbi and Hao Wang and Wendy MacCaull
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