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Talk's Abstracts
Mon Sep 6 12:11:04 WEDT 2010 - The abstracts for all the invited speaker talsk, and for all the accepted papers have been finalized and published.

Invited Talks Titles
Wed Sep 1 12:11:04 WEDT 2010 - The program has been finalized with the title of the talks given by the invited speakers.

Thu Aug 26 16:11:04 WEDT 2010 - The program of the workshop has been defined and published.

Invited speakers
Thu Jul 31 20:11:04 WEDT 2010 - The invited speakers of the FMICS 2010 have been confirmed. They will be Aarti Gupta, Axel Simon, Bert van beek, and Stephan Tobies.

List of accepted papers
Thu Jul 14 20:11:04 WEDT 2010 - The list of accepted papers is available online.

Extended deadline
Wed Apr 7 19:09:28 WEDT 2010 - The submission deadline has been extended of one week. The new deadline for abstract submission is April 17, while the new date for paper submission is April 25.

Paper submission is now open
Thu Mar 25 18:06:49 WEST 2010 - The submission page is now open and can be accessed at the url

FMICS 2010 Call for papers
Thu Feb 12 16:40:40 WEST 2010 - The call for papers of the 15th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Safety Critical Systems (FMICS 2010) has been finalized and published on the web site. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the workshop chairs: Stefan Kowalewski and Marco Roveri at the email address ue.kbf@0102scimf.

FMICS 2010 Web Site
Sat Jan 2 21:03:40 WEST 2010 - The FMICS 2010 website is online. The system is based on standard technologies such as PHP 4.3.10, RSS 2.0, CSS 2.1, XML, XHTML 1.0. It has been inspired by the FMICS 2009 web site by Christophe Joubert.

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